It’s Great to Be An Auburn Tiger

Here’s my favorite new joke:

A couple of Alabama farmers are standing in the yard talking about one’s dog.
“He loves bama football. You ought to see him during the games. If Alabama gets a first down, he gets up and barks. If they score a touchdown, he barks and jumps up in his favorite chair. If they win the game, he barks and starts running in circles”.

“What does he do when Alabama beats Auburn?” the other farmer asks.
“Don’t know. He ain’t but 4 years old.”

I can smile when I talk about football for the next 365 days. A big win today in the Iron Bowl. I was surprised the game wasn’t closer but the coaching staff did a great job with the game plan. 11 sacks and 28 points on an Alabama team that had been stingy on defense.

My other picks in the Commercial Appeal turned out to be horrible. I picked South Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee who were all beaten today. Miami is getting beat by Georgia Tech too.

Great day! I’ll have fun reading the Birmingham and Huntsville newspapers tomorrow.


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