Only 25 minutes until kickoff. This year’s game is on CBS, in recent years ESPN has broadcast the Iron Bowl as the evening game. With the game starting earlier, I don’t have as much time to be nervous.

It’s silly. I know. I wish I didn’t care so much.

I’ve been trying to keep busy so as not to get too wrapped up in the emotions. I dropped off DVDs to one of my clients this morning, went to Wal-Mart so the kids could get something to keep them busy while the game is on. I started my white chili so it’ll be ready by the time the game is over and I’ve done a load of laundry.

I’ll be on the phone for much of the game. I talk to my dad and an old friend throughout the game. The conversations don’t amount to much really. We don’t even answer the phone with “hello”. The conversations are usually like this:

“Can you believe that pass?”
“I thought we were going to be sacked but he got the ball away”.
“Defense is playing good”
“Except for Pitts. I’ll be glad when he graduates”

It goes on that way for hours. We won’t call if things are going real good beause we’re afraid we’ll jinx the team. We won’t call if we’re about to score. We won’t mention things like “we haven’t thrown an interception” or “we haven’t fumbled” because we’re afraid the football gods will hear us and add some slippery juice to the football. I will say “you know bama hasn’t fumbled (thrown an interception, gotten a block in the back call, or anyone hurt) yet, hoping those same football gods will hear me and intervene to even things up.

I put way too much into this game. Too much to even enjoy it.


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  1. Anonymous

    Actually since 2000, the Iron Bowl has been on CBS every year except 2003.

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