You’re Never Too Small to Hit the Big Time

My thanks (or apologies) to Webb Wilder for the title of this post.

I got a mention in the article in TV Week. Well, not by name but the article that covers Young Broadcastings “video journalists” mentions my hire at WKRN. You’ve got to register to read the story but here’s the line:

“The station has also assigned beats again, including hiring a full-time religion reporter, establishing geographic beats, instituting business and real estate beats and allowing its political and education reporters to be dedicated solely to those beats.”

If you had told me a year ago that I might get back into local tv news by becoming a one-man band I would have called you crazy (or worse). I had enough of those days back when I first got into tv news in the 80s. I hated it.

Back then we used those 60 pound cameras with the portapack you had to sling over your shoulder. Shooting your own standups were nearly impossible as you had to set up a light stand or something, focus on it, get it to the right height and then hope you stand centered in the shot while you talked. The portapack must have weighed close to 50 pounds so by the end of the day both shoulders were hurting, along with your back.

WKRN uses the HD version of my PD-150. The camera weighs all of 3 pounds and we all get laptops loaded with editing software (the same NLE I’m using). And because there are more reporters and cameras on the street, vjs don’t have to turn a story every day.

Reading articles like the one in tvweek gets me even more excited about the new job. I think I’ll like shooting my own stories, I’ve been doing it for more than a year and a half now. You can see some of WKRN’s vj’s work on their website



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2 responses to “You’re Never Too Small to Hit the Big Time

  1. Bevan

    So, you’re still going to finish your script right? We could make the script on the West or East coast… or keep it in the south. Who knows, there might actually be money involved when we get to that point.
    e-mailm me when you get the chance.


  2. Anonymous

    From Peggy Phillip
    Thank you all for your hard work during yesterday’s severe weather outbreak. I made the call for us to go off at 3pm when the local warnings expired. Obviously I was wrong and we lost momentum.
    The biggest difference between our coverage and WREG was their use of reporter phoners throughout the afternoon as well as phone reports from county EMA and school officials. We’ll do more of that next time.
    Happily, the viewers came back to the news leader for the evening newscasts. Thank you again for your effort.

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