What’s Happened with the Investigation?

Frankly, I haven’t thought any more about the alleged investigation at city hall reported last week by channel 3. But the thing keeps coming up in e-mails.

Mike over at halfbakered.blogspot.com says in a comment left below that city attorney Alan Wade was to have filed some sort of lawsuit today. In comments left at halfbakered someone said FOX-13 reported on a letter from Wade on Friday night’s newscast and that the letter mentioned channel 3. I didn’t see the story and FOX-13 has the worst website of any of the local tv stations, therefore there’s no link to the letter or the story.

I haven’t watched 3 to find out if there’s more to the story and as far as I know there’s been no mention of any of it in the CA. So what’s going on?

And no…I’m not picking on 3. I have many good friends there who are outstanding storytellers and journalists. Unfortunately, they generally do not make the decisions on which stories to cover (or which wild geese to chase).

Anybody know what’s happening? Is there indeed an FBI investigation? If it was a set-up, anyone know who made the call? Is there a lawsuit either pending or filed? Is the new Steve Martin film “Shoptgirl” as good as advertised?

Just curious.


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