"TV Station Got it Wrong"

WMC called out WREG tonight on a story 3 reported last night. Joe Birch read the copy: “the tv station got it wrong.”

I didn’t see the story last night but I heard about it today. 3 reported on an FBI investigation of Memphis City council members, saying an un-named sourced at city hall told them FBI agents were snooping around asking to look into the computers of city council members. 3 reported the “unnamed source” told them 5 city council members were supposedly the target of the investigation.

What were they looking for? No one knows. In fact, no one knows if the unnamed source was telling the truth or not. The FBI, of course won’t tell anyone if they are investigating anything but city officials told Channel 5 that Channel 3 was wrong and that no investigation is going on.

There was speculation in the Channel 3 newsroom this morning that they were duped. At least a couple of reporters mentioned it might have been a set up in the second week of ratings.

3 is standing by it’s report (which really didn’t amount to much except to say “someone says the FBI is investigating something”).

Something tells me if this really is happening, 3 would have been better off doing a little more investigating itself before running the story. That’s the trouble with sweeps. In the rush to grab viewers by the throat stations sometimes report the unreportable.

sorry, I can’t find the link to the story on WMC’s website.


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One response to “"TV Station Got it Wrong"

  1. mike

    I have links to both 3 & 5’s stories on my blog. Scroll down a bit, or use “Find” on the word “catfight.”

    What bothers me is that 3 went with a single-sourced story of this magnitude. Either they were very foolish or that someone is very trustworthy otherwise. I wonder who?

    Allen Wade was allegedly going to file a lawsuit on Monday (today). Did he?

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