Let the Games Begin

It’s starting already. Even the most casual television viewer has noticed something has changed on local tv. Even those casual tv viewers who’ve either tuned out of local news coverage or otherwise just forget it’s on, have noticed the promos.

Local tv stations are gearing up for the most important time of the year in the life of a tv newsroom. Ratings time. Sweeps. The book. It all begins Thursday and as Emeril would say the stations are ‘kicking it up a notch’.

Just as the Food Network chef will do, local stations are throwing in an extra shot of tequila to their evening promos. I’ve noticed it more on 3 than 5 in recent days. During “The Amazing Race” there were a number of promos for special stories beginning Thursday night. The promos are slick, very compelling and well produced. “Will Memphis survive an earthquake?” they ask.

I didn’t notice promos for upcoming specials during “My Name Is Earl” and “The Office” on 5 tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an earthquake piece soon since natural disasters are the flavor of the day.

Wonder if we’ll see another night when both stations do the exact same story like we saw last February. Remember when 5 and 3 hired guys to break into a house live on tv? I’d bet the consultants (who seem to share the same research and ideas) are pushing similar earthquake investigations since the Commercial Appeal posed the question in the days immediately following Katrina.

So if you watch local news, be on the lookout for those stories and promos that try to grab the viewer by the throat and drag them in front of the tv. More of those stories that promise to “save your children’s life” or “save us some money”. And if you see them, drop me a comment or an e-mail.

I surely won’t see them all.



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2 responses to “Let the Games Begin

  1. Anonymous

    And Jamey….you know the answer to that question don’t you? Will Memphis survive?

    No way….no how. New Orleans all over again. No doubt about it. How do I know? Private email me at vidphoto@hotmail.com

  2. mike

    The CA has been running stories on earthquake preparedness, sensing a way to tie in Katrina/Rita with the local angle. And Harold Ford has been demagoging the issue, too. Watch for lots of Japanese and San Francisco earthquake video.

    It always amuses me, in a rueful sort of way, how the local news stations — when it’s time to attract more viewers for sweeps month — aim *down* and not up. Wouldn’t you love to see a half-hour special on all the ties between businesses and City Hall / City Council? Or an in-depth look at the after-lives of people who have been forced from their former City/County jobs? (ie. Jones, Thorp, Williams, the former budget director, etc.)

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