Best of Nashville

Reading “Nashville Scene” tonight online; I’ve been reading a lot from Nashville these past few weeks.

This caught my eye. From their “Best of Nashville 2005”

BEST MEDIA INNOVATORS: WKRN-CHANNEL 2 Say what you want about the city’s third-rated news broadcast, but we think they’re the best in town. For reasons having to do with its imperfect signal and its commitment to real news, as opposed to some of the sensationalized crap being peddled by their blow-dried competitors, Channel 2 somehow always seems to rate below Channels 4 and 5. But here’s where WKRN kicks their asses up and down: it’s the first television news station in the country to embrace a populist news approach, giving its photographers and reporters cameras, training and instructions to go out and find interesting stories. Under this model, everyone’s a reporter. And while it’s not gone wholly smoothly, revolution tends to have that side effect. The station has also embraced blogging, creating “Nashville Is Talking” earlier this year. Holding the station’s hand are New York consultant Michael Rosenblum and local visionary Terry Heaton—both of whom are rock stars among news junkies, video journalists and bloggers. Most traditional media are afraid of this stuff. That Channel 2 isn’t puts it ahead of its time, ratings be damned. —LIZ GARRIGAN


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