Money to burn

My wife gives me a gift card from Circuit City for my birthday. It was what I asked for. I like being able to pick and choose what I want.

So today I go into the new Circuit City store in Southaven to pick up some music. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought a cd, most everything I want I already have.

Good thing. Because most of what I would want, they don’t have.
About a third of the music selection in the Circuit City store in Southaven, Mississippi is rap. Another third is Regional Mexicana and just less than a third is R&B.

They had, I counted, 3 Jimmy Buffet cds, 0 AC/DC cds and only 1 Jackson Browne cd. I could have picked up every country music cd in the store and carried them out myself in one trip. Every Contemporary Christian cd in the store would have fit in one bag.

Rap music takes up 1 1/2 rows of the racks. R&B takes up nearly a full row and Regional Mexicana takes up another full row. Rock music only takes up about a fourth of one row.

Are country music and rock fans just not buying cds anymore? And if they are, where can they find it?



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3 responses to “Money to burn

  1. Latilleon

    If you want a better music selection, you need to go to Best Buy. Wal-Mart probably has more of what you are looking for too.

    If you really want a better selection, you should go to Spin Street on Poplar or Tower Records in Peabody Place. Just be prepared to price a premium.

  2. LeftWingCracker

    There’s always Amazon! I am a Celtic music fan myself, and what I don’t buy from the artists themselves I usually find there.

  3. Deb

    Ditto Amazon…it’s where I buy most of mine these days.

    Jackson Browne..I love him! I was looking for some of his music just a week ago and couldn’t find anything. I looked at Target and Walmart (which further proves my point that both stores are tasteless when it comes to music).

    Thanks for visiting my weblog and for your comment!

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