Where is it coming from?

Figures. Both of my high-end cameras are down and I’m getting phone calls from clients wanting videos NOW. I had a very productive meeting this morning with a group on a project that could keep me very very busy. Tomorrow I have two meetings, one with a potential client needing a marketing video and another with a fellow videographer who may end up shooting for me.

Then I get two other phone calls from people needing videos so quickly they want to start shooting this weekend.

I also get an e-mail today from the repair shop estimating it will cost $600 to fix my primary camera if Sony doesn’t pay for it. My backup camera should arrive at the repair shop tomorrow.

A word here about customer service. Sony has backed up every product I’ve ever purchased from them. My big screen tv has had 3 similar problems since I bought it 3 years ago. Each time, Sony has paid to have it fixed. The camera will likely (and hopefully) be paid for by Sony.

Panasonic on the other hand has been a different story. It took days for me to hear back from the company and another 4 days to receive the paperwork on what they might pay for. That camera is just a year and a half old and gets far less use than the Sony. I don’t anticipate Panasonic will pay for the repair.

My new video camera? It’s a Sony, and so will everything else I buy in the future.


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  1. Anonymous

    shoulda known better than to buy Panasonic since that is the brand of cameras WREG is using and Channel 3 usually goes the cheap route when it comes to equipment and pay.

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