Holy Crap!

No, I’m not going to blog about the change at the top at the station on the river. I’m not going into the news that my former boss turned in her resignation today. I will say I was surprised. This makes two NYT stations losing news directors in the last week.

No, I’m blogging about a streak of bad luck. Both of my video cameras are down. The first will definately require a shipment out of state for repair. The second, hopefully will be repaired in Memphis and hopefully in time for my next shoot. In the meantime I will have to purchase a 3rd mini dv camera for projects this weekend. I may have a big video equipment sale on ebay once I go to work in Nashville.


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  1. Anonymous

    As we prepare for November, I want to make a change to our morning editorial process. Our afternoon editorial meetings are more productive due to the number of participants–reporters, anchors, directors, promotions, etc. It makes me realize participation from as many people as possible is a must. We have an easier time with story development and distinction, if everybody possible is actively involved in the process.

    So, starting Monday, our morning editorial meetings will commence at 9:30am. That way, all available news personnel including the dayside reporters can participate!

    Peggy Phillip
    News Director

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