I’m getting alot of well wishes through the e-mail box about the new job and area code. What’s been especially cool are the notes from people I worked with who got out of the business before I did.

We’re excited about this move. Did I mention that already? And, I may make my debut on WKRN during the November book. The station wants me to produce a couple of stories and mail them in for sweeps. Truthfully, I dont’ know that I’ll have time to do that but I’m going to try.

The For Sale sign is up and we’re starting to collect boxes to wrap everything up again. I wish I hadn’t thrown away all of those expensive wardrobe boxes last month. I’ll miss this house and the cool home office.

They’ve got nice houses in Nashville though, right?



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2 responses to “Tanks

  1. Future Nashvillian

    Yes, they have nice houses in Nashville. I’m a little disappointed though that new houses seem to be more expensive than elsewhere (like Memphis area). Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places yet.

  2. Dana

    Hi Jamey,

    I came across your blog because I did a search for Springville, AL. There was one I came across that you titled 35146. Anyway, my name is Dana Ellis (previously Dana Hinkle) you probably don’t remember me but I was in a beauty pageant that you MCd years ago. Anyway, just thought I’d say hi. I love coming into contact with anyone from back home. Have a great night

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