The New "To Do" List

Things I’ve got to do before the end of the year.

1: Hear Rev. Al Green preach
I’ve never visited Full Gospel Tabernacle. I want to attend worship services there before we move.

2: Visit Graceland
I haven’t taken the tour in 7 years, my youngest daughter has never been there. This time I want to see the airplanes.

3: See the Grizzlies play
I haven’t been a pro-basketball fan since Magic Johnson retired but I keep hearing people say the game is more enjoyable in person. I want to see the Forum and the Grizzlies play at least once. After the move, I’ll be watching the NHL and NFL.

4: Eat at Folks Folly
It’s the one restaurant my wife really wants to go to for dinner. Our favorite restaurant “Timbeauxs” in Hernando will surely get a last visit too.

5: Have a party
We’ve been saying we want to have one in our new house since we moved in last August. We won’t have much time left now. The “For Sale” sign goes up this week.


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