Hittin’ the Trail

A busy day today working with two saddle companies on several videos. 8 hours of videotaping including tons of b-roll and tons of on-camera demonstrations. It was a perfect day to shoot outsid and it was good to put on the cowboy boots for a job. We used about 6 horses and a dozen saddles. Real professionals these guys. The demonstration videos could have been frustrating and very time consuming but my on-camera talent breezed through the demonstrations one after another. Most were done in just one take.

I’ll be shooting more with them tomorrow and then head to Texas for a few days. I’m still looking for a videographer for that trip. It will likely be during the November sweeps, but if anyone is interested and can freelance for a couple of days during the week, let me know.

By the way, the shakeup at WHNT hit the newspapers yesterday. My friend Chris Welch from The Huntsville Times got a comment from the ousted gm but couldn’t get anything from Kevin Osgood. Read the article here.

I never met Theron but Kevin and I go way back to when we were both reporters at 19. I hope things turn out okay for him.


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