I suppose things are close enough to being official to post it here: I’ve taken a job with WKRN-TV in Nashville.

Channel 2 is the ABC affiliate and is the station that started the video journalist experiment earlier this year. I will be the station’s religion reporter as a video journalist.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would consider working as a one-man-band again I would have called you insane. But cameras then were much larger and editing in one of the 3 or 4 station edit bays would have been a pain.

The way WKRN does it, every vj gets his or her own Sony HD camera and a laptop with non-linear editing software. The camera and the editing program are both the same that I use now so my longest learning curve (I hope) will be learning my way around Nashville.



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2 responses to “615

  1. Bobby Nations


    Well, Wendy and I are saddened to hear that you and Cameron are moving to Nashville, but all things work to the good as they say. On the bright side, at least you’ll be moving a little closer to both sides of your families. And, let’s all be honest for a moment, Nashville is a tad bit more hip than Memphis, no matter how much the locals protest 🙂

    God speed and best wishes,

    Bobby and Wendy

  2. pp

    I’m a bit behind the times on the blogosphere since I put my own on hold. Congrats on your decision. I hope you’ll continue the “..squat” no matter who signs your paycheck.

    I will if you will.

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