Busy Weekend

There’s been a death in my family. My uncle Creekmore passed away this morning in Grenada, Mississippi so I’ll be going down tomorrow to visit my family at the funeral home.
I know, I’ll bet you’ve never heard the name Creekmore before. He was a great uncle, married to my mom’s sister. He ran a general store there in Grenada for many years. I’ll get to see many of the people on my mom’s side of the family tomorrow.

I’m also finishing up a couple of video projects, will shoot one tomorrow night and am gearing up for my biggest shoot on Monday. It’s two marketing videos and two commercials for one of the largest horse saddle companies in America. (Thanks Chip).

My big announcement is on hold for a few days while we iron out a few details. I’m also producing weekly updates for subscribers to The ACTS Network. They’re mini-newscasts of about 2 minutes that churches are using prior to the start of the worship service. You can see them on the website www.actsnetwork.com They’re also being offered by two internet companies with more than 50,000 regular users. This is only the second update so I’m still tweaking them to make them look right.

By the way, glad to get the comment from Peggy on her blog. www.peggyphillip.blogspot.com isn’t gone for good. That’s good to hear.


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