Another One Bites the Dust?

So Peggy’s site seems doomed now too.

What’s this make? 4 blogs that critique the news media going dark?

SouthTVNews: gone
DarrelPhillips: gone
Big Easy TV: gone
When TV Came to Memphis: gone
PeggyPhillip: gone

Okay, that’s five. Five websites that raised questions about how the tv news media does it’s job, all gone either due to company pressure, company policy, or out-of-control comments.

What a shame. I’ve been asked if I would say more about the news media on this space now that the other sites are dead or dying. I won’t. Not because I’m afraid of pressure or criticism or juvenile comments from some of the people who apparently work in those newsrooms. I don’t say much about local tv news because frankly, I don’t watch it.

I will post about local news coverage if I see something that provokes a comment but I doubt that’s going to happen very often because I don’t get my news from the local tv stations. Like a growing number of viewers, I get my local news from the newspaper and the internet.

I’m sad to see Peggy’s blog go by the wayside, just as I’m sad to see the demise of SouthTVNews. I really hate that Peggy chose to pull the plug, or at least scale it back because of comments from the anonymous idiots who work in the newsrooms.

I wonder how many viewers found Peggy’s site and were put off by the juvenile and immature comments from the people they watch for their news coverage.

I know, those were anonymous comments but they were transparent enough to confirm they came from reporters/photographers/producers and even managers.

I also know that when some managers at another station logged on to see Peggy’s last post that there was joy in mudville. They hated the fact that Peggy had a blog. They checked it daily, probably more often than that; looking for any mention of their work.

And now it’s gone. I bet they slept better.



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3 responses to “Another One Bites the Dust?

  1. Cg

    I’m sorry to hear that all those sites are gone. Peggy’s and Darrel’s were my favorites.

    I enjoyed Peggy’s site enough to read it in spite of “the juvenile and immature comments” from anonymous posters. I’ve always felt that anonymous is another word for coward.

  2. bishop


    Why are you so stuck on Peggy site being gone. Every anynomous comment wasn’t from someone in the newsroom. I enjoyed Peggy blog as well but she made comments against other news stations and they responded to her. Peggy started a lot of her mess herself. If a person wants to respond to her comments, that okay. Don’t dish something you can’t take. Do you hate WREG that much? I love your blog especially your stand for God. I just don’t want the blame game to start. Just pick up from she left off.

  3. pp

    I’m not gone. I’m just taking a break. We’re in budget mode, I’ve got some significant open management postitions and the November book is breathing down my neck.
    If I’ve still got the stamina to stay up late and type onto the internet, I’m not working hard enough!

    I’ll be back once I can find the software that allows me to track down “anonymous” posters.

    I didn’t say I was “done.” I said I was taking a break.

    You’ll know when I’m ready to return to this fray.

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