Dusting off the passport

I’m making plans now to go to Belgium in the middle of December to continue the shooting for the World War II documentary. It looks as though the financing is taken care of and I’ll probably meet another producer from London to help get all of the video.

I haven’t touched base yet with the Brigadier General from Belgium who promised to help us in our travels. I’ve been watching a lot of old WWII era movies lately and went to pick up another one today.

The History Channel has released a 30-hour documentary on WWII. It retails for $143 bucks so I guess I’ll have to be extra good and drop lots of hints for a birthday present. I’ll be getting (checking out from the library) Band of Brothers later this week and spend the weekend re-watching it.

I’ve managed to dub about 9 hours of the video and interviews I shot last week in Pittsburgh and will be taking them to the veteran who’s funding the project. It’s pretty exciting working on something like this.

I’m closer to posting my big news but will probably wait a little longer.


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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like a dream trip. Wish I could join you. I just finished reading “The Biggest Brother”. Might be some good info for you in that book also.

    Good luck on the project.

    Bob Alverson

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