Blogged Down

What’s happening to the media blogs? Some of the ones I check most frequently have either disappeared or at least seem to be slowly fading away.

Where’s Memphis TV? Someone called “When TV Comes To Memphis” started out strong but then skipped nearly the entire month of September until posting on the 25th and 27th. has been one of my first five stops on the internet. The owner pulled the plug last year but came back strong and provided lots of links during the recent huricanes. The past few days the domain name has been parked by Go Daddy and the regular pages cannot be accessed.

I’m suspicious because sometimes when I try to access Peggy Phillip’s blog I get re-directed to another site. Maybe it’s just some spyware on my computer causing this. I will investigate.

Big Easy TV though is definately in jeopardy. This site was one of the first media blogs covering southern tv stations. Based in Louisiana it has been a steady source of information on stations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Birmingham and Mobile. The owner shut it down September 4th and then last week announced it was for sale.

Other blogs have come and gone in the past year. They disappear not because of a lack of interest, but due to the time involved in keeping them up.


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  1. mike

    Darrell Phillips’ blog has disappeared. He’s not responding to emails, either.

    Some burn out because regular blogging is work, a discipline you have to develop. Sustained interest is hard.

    Some of the media blogs, I suspect, succumb to corporate pressures. Nothing nefarious, just not wanting to get fired or sued, or tied up in court.

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