Looking for a good videographer

If you know anyone who’d like a freelance gig in the next couple of months, shoot me an e-mail. I’m looking for a videographer who’d like to go to south Texas in a few weeks on a corporate shoot.

It would probably be a two-day shoot, during the week. The downside is it might be during the November book.



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2 responses to “Looking for a good videographer

  1. Weaver

    Did you ever find anyone to help with this?

  2. jamey tucker

    unfortunately, no. The shoot is Monday (week from today) and I’ll be going solo. Even if someone was to decide now that they’d like to go, I don’t think I could buy another plane ticket at the prices they charge for 1 week’s notice.
    it shouldn’t be too difficult to do solo, just more fun with another set of eyes and hands.

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