T-ti-ming, ti-MING, Ti…ming, tim….ng

Anyone remember that old comedy sketch with Steve Martin talking about how to be a great comedian? He starts by saying it all depends on timing, only he can’t quite spit out the word “timing”. He stutters and basically screws up the timing of the punch line.

That’s how this whole job offer appeared to be. Bad timing.

I told the news director this afternoon that I had decided not to take the job. It’s the right job, in the right city but the timing isn’t right.

The kids would have to change schools in the middle of a semester. We would have to move again, just a month after moving into our new house. I have several projects that I would struggle to get completed before I had to report to the new job.

Our conversation was good and we left the door open for another possibility when the timing is better for me. Who knows, I may have blown my last chance to get back into tv news.

So now, it’s time to get back to work. It was a good experience and it was good to feel wanted again. Maybe there will be another opportunity. Maybe not. Either way, I’m content with the decision.


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