Nashville Skyline

We’re headed to Nashville tomorow morning. After flip-flopping for a week we decided it best to drive around town, give the kids an idea of what Nashville is like, have some lunch and dinner and drive back.

Another SS teacher from another class will combine our classes to give me the chance to go. It should be a nice trip.

I’ve finished two projects this week and need to only tweak one before delivering it on Monday. By the way, I saw a fantastic film (video-film) from Todd A out in Phoenix. It’s part of a film contest and his project is really good. He wrote, shot and edited the horror thriller in less than 24 hours. Great eye he has.

You know what’s kind of funny about my whole decision? Everyone I’ve talked to in the tv news business tells me I’m crazy for thinking of going back. Well, they don’t actually say ‘crazy’ but they are surprised that I’m even thinking about it.


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