So What????

Well, I made up my mind about the job. Then I changed it. Then I changed it again, and again and again.

It’s been that way all week.

Thanks to the folks who’ve tossed me their thoughts, I appreciate your input.

I called the news director today but only got his voice mail. Then I went to a funeral in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone coverage and couldn’t call him again. Maybe that means I’m supposed to sleep on it a couple more days.

Tim Simpson’s mother passed away this week and I went to her funeral today in Middleton. Let me tell you something about Tim Simpson: for those who are only familiar with watching him give the weather forecast, Tim Simpson is one of the most genuine, sincere and God-fearing human beings on the planet. We go back a long way, back to WHNT in Huntsville and he is one of my closest friends. He spoke at his mother’s funeral today and did a fantastic job. I don’t know how he had the courage and strength but he managed to make people smile and remember his dear sweet mother as she ought to be remembered.

Tim Simpson would have made a fine preacher if the meteorology thing didn’t work out so well. I’m very proud of him and proud to call him my brother.

We talked about driving to middle Tennessee this weekend to look at neighborhoods and houses and schools but I’ve got to teach SS and my little girl has a football game to cheer for, so we won’t make it.

I feel a bit like a high school football player with a couple of scholarship offers. I’m leaning one way but not enough to put on the hat quite yet.


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