Another Difficult Decision

At the beginning of the year, some of you may remember that I faced a big decision on a job. It was a position that offered a great salary and benefits but one that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy.

I ended up turning down that job after a lot of prayer. I felt that God was leading me to continue my business and ministry. That decision was very clear. This one, is tougher.

I’m contemplating a job offer that would uproot my family and move us to a new city. It’s a terrific job and one that I know I would enjoy. I’ve been thinking a lot this week, and praying a lot too. This decision is a lot tougher.

It’s in a city I love and have longed to work in for years. It’s doing something I enjoy doing. And equally important, it would bring a steady paycheck.

At times this week I’ve leaned both ways. One minute I’m convinced I should take the job, sell the house, move my family and start over. The next minute, I’m convinced we should stay.

Just when I thought I had decided to put a For Sale sign in front of our new house (one we’ve been in only a month), I had meetings yesterday with several clients who want videos produced by the end of the year. This seems to tell me that I should turn down the offer and stay the course.

A decision must be made in the next 24 hours. I still don’t know.



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3 responses to “Another Difficult Decision

  1. Anynymous3

    Seek God about this decisionbecause you are the head of your house and it would giveyou a steady income. You can still do your business on the side. Take that job. This is the time where God is giving his people new opportunities. Walk through your open door. You’re smart and bright. You will make the right decision. Just rest in the Lord.

  2. Anonymous

    God thinks you should take a job as the religion VJ at wkrn. But on the other hand, God enjoys reading your blog about the building of your new house.

  3. mike

    I’m not at all a religious person, but if I were I would note that both times you’ve considered going back to your old profession because of money fears you have suddenly been presented with opportunities to keep going with the ministry. It might be that God is giving you the answer you seek.

    All I know about you is what I read here, but it sounds like your heart knows what is right, and yet you are fearful and uncertain of it. Some might see this as a test of faith.

    You’ve been out of the business how long? And yet people still are interested in you? It sounds like the fall-back plan is still there if Plan A doesn’t work out.

    I’m not telling you what to do, only pointing out what I’ve read here. Good luck!

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