And Now for Something Completely Different….

All right, enough of the serious stuff and the tv news criticisms. How about this:

If you were travelling across the country and could only take 5 cds with you, which ones would you choose? Live albums okay, no greatest hits.

Here’s my list:

1. “Moondance”, Van Morrison
2. “Out of the Blue”, Electric Light Orchestra
3. “You Had to Be There, Live”, Jimmy Buffett
4. “Almost Blue”, Elvis Costello
5. “The Wall”, Pink Floyd (for when it gets dark)

Anyone want to share their list?



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5 responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different….

  1. Latilleon

    “Who Is Jill Scott” – Jill Scott
    “ATLiens” – Outkast
    “juslien” – Musiq
    “Urban Hang Suite” – Maxwell
    “Floetic” – Floetry

  2. Julie

    “Achtung Baby” – U2
    “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” – U2
    “Grace” – Jeff Buckley
    “License To Ill” – Beastie Boys
    “Talking Book” – Stevie Wonder

    it’s so hard to pick just 5…

  3. pary

    “Aha Shake Heartbreak” – Kings of Leon
    “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” – Death from Above 1979
    “End Hits” – Fugazi
    “Let Go” – Nada Surf
    “Paul’s Boutique” – Beastie Boys (“Ill Communication” as the alternate pick)

  4. mike

    Tyranny & Mutation – Blue Oyster Cult
    Never Mind the Bollocks — Sex Pistols
    The Hoople – Mott the Hoople (or maybe the album that preceded it, “Mott”)
    Happy Days – Catherine Wheel
    Mothership Connection – Parliament

    Five is not enough.

  5. kafir memphian

    Galaxy 500 – Fetchin’ Bones

    The Four Seasons – Vivaldi (I’d have to research which orchestra’s recording)

    Willie Nelson and Family Live – Willie Nelson and Family

    Gyrate – Pylon

    Dirt – Alice in Chains

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