When was the last time you…

popped popcorn without a microwave?

For me I think it was that first apartment after college when I couldn’t afford one of them new fangled microwavin’ machines. I think they were about $5,000 back in 1987.

But our brand new microwave stopped working and we love our popcorn. It just kind of struck me funny that none of my kids had ever seen anyone pop corn without tossing a flat bag into a microwave and hitting a button.

We used some of that butter flavored salt (which was probably left over from 1987) and it tasted pretty good. I can’t say it was better than the microwave stuff, but it was good.

We spent the evening at the Hurricane Katrina Relief event in Southaven. Jeff Brightwell of WMC-AM 790 emceed it with me. There was a good turnout and the music was good. Channel 5 flew over with the chopper and Jason Miles said hello as he worked on his 10 o’clock story.

I’ve got something I want to post about another promo I saw tonight for ABC 24. I’ll tick some folks off though and I’m having second thoughts. Maybe later.


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