I Made Biscuits!

I grew up on home made biscuits and fruit preserves. My mom makes them to this day and they are better than any biscuits I’ve ever had.

Well this past weekend my mom and dad came for a visit and I had my mom teach me how to make her homemade biscuits. It’s really not that hard and doesn’t take too much time, and you know what? My first batch wasn’t too bad.

They were a little heavier than my mom’s biscuits, but were pretty darned tasty. Here’s the recipe:

Crisco (maybe a tablespoon)
self-rising four

Mom doesn’t measure things so I don’t either. Mix these three ingredients together and put the batter on a cookie sheet and bake at around 350. I doubt I’ll make them every morning, (that’s reserved for my Superwoman Mom) but they will become a regular part of our weekend.



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2 responses to “I Made Biscuits!

  1. Bearded Joe

    Gee, I thought MY Mom made the best biscuits. She doesn’t measure anything either and I tried to get her to teach me a few years ago but mine didn’t turn out anything like hers and I know my way around a kitchen. Congrats on the new skill. Now, plan to learn to make a goody gravy and have a gathering of all those who read your blog each day. I can probably round up some roadkill if you need it. I’ll be waiting for my invitation.

  2. Lisa

    Jamey, My Daddy makes the best biscuits. Jackie and I have tried to get him to teach us how, but like your Mom, he doesn’t measure anything. I think it might be a ZEN thing. Feel the dough! Let the dough speak to you! It will tell you when it’s ready. My attempts at making biscuits have been so pitiful that I have given up. They turned out like little white, floury cakes of peat. Could warm you up in the fire place but not much good for anything else. I just buy the frozen ones now and make do.
    Mom canned some preserves (fig and pear) so we have been feasting on those lately.

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