Angry Reporters

I’ve never seen this before. Network anchors and reporters brought to tears and anger while covering a story.

Watching FOX News tonight, Geraldo and Shep Smith were so angry they interupted their show host. Geraldo cussed and cried. Shep butted in on Shaun Hannity, pretty much telling him “I’m telling you the story, you don’t know because you’re not here!”

There is no easy solution to the problems in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. There’s no easy way to rescue these people. No easy answers. There’s more and more finger-pointing toward President Bush and his administration. Anonymous 3 did some pointing earlier here on this blog.

Its easy to call them on it. But there’s no way anyone could have prepared for what is happening. The city of New Orleans is certainly to blame. Everyone knew if a major hurricane hit the city that there would be tens of thousands of people in the exact situation they are in now. The city would be underwater for months. They knew this, but didn’t have a plan to deal with it. They stuck their heads in the sand, whistled past the graveyard every hurricane season, just praying that the worst case scenario would never play out.

The state of Louisiana is to blame too. Where was their plan? Why didn’t they bus these people out before the storm hit? Because they sat back and hoped it would turn in another direction like so many other storms have done.

I don’t believe President Bush or his administration is dragging their heels because the victims we see are black or poor. There’s just no way to get to them quickly.

The President did make a colossal error in judgement today during his made-for-tv news conference with the republican governors. At a time when the world was watching and listening to the President for words of hope, found only words of hope for Senator Trent Lott. “Senator Lott will rebuild a fantastic house and I look forward to sitting on the front porch.”

Glib? Most definately. Poorly worded? You bet. Racist? I certainly hope not.

He and the entire administration and the entire nation have it’s work cut out trying to not only help these people, but to send a message that the reason for the delay has more to do with the difficulty of getting to them than it does with class or race.



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4 responses to “Angry Reporters

  1. Anynymous3

    That’s bull! I will be glad when other ethnicities will start seeing the issue for what it is and stop making excuses for it because they’re not black. Bush did not respond quickly because those people were black and poor. A blind man can see that. Even people who are not black have been seeing that. Bush is a horible president and a racist one at that. As long as he keeps kicking monirities, he’s doing a great job!

  2. jamey tucker

    Okay, if Bush is a racist because the government failed to get those people out of New Orleans AFTER the city was underwater and virtually destroyed… is the Mayor of NOLA a racist because he didn’t have a plan to get those people out BEFORE the hurricane hit?

    Is the Louisiana governor a racist because she didn’t ensure there was a plan to evacuate an entire city in 24-48 hours?

    Shouldn’t it work both ways?

    No, no one is pointing fingers at the real problem because of politics and skin color.

    The governor and mayor failed miserably and cost perhaps tens of thousands of people their lives.


    And now because of their incompetence, people take swipes at the President and his administration because he couldn’t pick up the pieces fast enough.

    Sorry A-3. It doesn’t wash.

  3. Anynymous3

    It doesn’t wash with you because you’re not black and poor! All of them are to blame but Bush is more to blame because he is the president. he could have moved quickly but he didn;t. He is a racist and there’s no other way of looking at that. Anybody that supports his administration doesn’t give a care about minorities. it’s a shame that we are reliving the 50s and 60 all over again. When will we realize that all people are created equally and not just whites over blacks and vice versa.

  4. imndc

    Jamie…thanks for noticing. There are some of us who have been working 20 hour days for the past three weeks dealing with this. The cheap shots are really starting to take their toll. I don’t understand why so many people don’t understand the basic logic of what happened down there. The Feds preach 72 hours….72 hours…you have to be prepared to take care of yourself for 72 hours in a catastrophic disaster. Did anyone listen? Did the city or state listen? Apparently not. But in the meantime, the politicizing of this has taken on new lows. And of course, the media sits back and washes their hands in the role they played in this mess. Instead of trying to be a calming, stabilizing influence, they took on the role of match to the light the flame. This would have been a typical hurricane disaster response had it not been for the levee breaking. That in itself escalated this event into one that was unprecidented in more ways than you can count. People are so quick to judge when they don’t have the basic knowledge of how government works in this country. It works from the local gov’t up….not the other way around. Everyone should have learned that in 9th grade civics. The facts will come out and everyone will see that the cheap shots at FEMA in paticular are unfounded when they did everything they could to prepare for this event, only to have their hands tied by an uncooperative governor and mayor who bore the ultimate responsiblity to prepare their community. This federal employee who’s worked around the clock for weeks appreciates that SOMEONE understands.

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