Pronunciation Please

The national news folks who’ve descended on the Gulf Coast need a quick lesson in pronunciation. I don’t know if I’ve heard any of them (besides TWC folks) pronounce Biloxi correctly.

Bil-OHK-si is the way I’ve heard them say it over and over again.

I watched a bit of coverage from WDSU in New Orleans this morning but their signal clogged up probably due to bandwith issues. WKRG still has the best coverage I’ve seen.

Also, I wonder how many of these reporters who are standing against the strong winds figure they’ll be famous for their coverage. Maybe 20 years ago, but there must be 200 reporters on the coast all doing the same thing. These live shots will be on resume tapes sent coast to coast in the next few weeks.

So far I don’t know if any of the Memphis stations sent a reporter to the coast.


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