Football Time

We went to the DeSoto Central/Southaven high school game tonight. Few people gave Central much of a chance after moving up from 1A to 4A and playing 5A Southaven in the first game of the year.

There had been talk that things could get ugly between these two teams since many of the players have been squaring off on the field since peewee league. The first half was scoreless. A great defensive stand on the goal line ended with a Southaven fumble on 4th down.

Southaven scored first and then Central scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point to take a 7-6 lead into the last 5 minutes of the game. The Jaguars took control of the ball with 2 minutes left and tried to run out the clock, but a tailback got loose and ran it in from about 45 yards away to make it 14-6. The Jags held on to beat cross-town rival Southaven in one of the best high school games I’ve ever seen.

There were no incidents on the field and after the game every player lined up to shake hands.

It was a fun night at the stadium. I’m glad it’s football time again.


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