The Future of TV

My new favorite tv channel is “current”, Al Gore’s channel. If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out because this is the future of tv.

Using videos shot and edited by viewers, ‘current’ shows us life like no other network on television. Mostly, the videos are from 18-25 year olds who can shoot and edit like a network pro. They use handheld camcorders and prosumer video cameras and they use editing techniques taken from MTV and reality shows. Some of them sound boring, but they’re brilliant.

I watched one this morning of a day in the life of a pizza delivery driver. The video was interesting without a script. Current calls for people to send in their videos and in exchange, they get paid up to $1,000 depending on how many videos the network accepts.

Another thing I like about programming on Current is the flashbacks. Using archives from CBS News Current has broadcast the first block of the evening news the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded and the day Magic Johnson announced he had HIV and retired from basketball.

I like this channel alot.


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