The Biggest Pile of Crap?

Not that I’ve ever been surprised by Pat Robertson, but his comments yesterday saying someone ought to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was even farther ‘out there’ than what we’ve come to expect from the 700 Club host.

Well, now Robertson has apologized, saying he spoke in frustration over how the U.S government seemingly ignores Chavez’ connections with the terrorists. Robertson is 75 years old and I’ve heard some 75 year old people say some pretty crazy things before. Maybe he needs to either cut his medication in half or double up! Maybe he didn’t really say what the media says he said. Well, no that’s not quite it. I’ve seen the video to prove it.

Robertson said he was misinterpreted. “Wait a minute, I didn’t say assassination.’ I said our Special Forces should ‘take him out’ and ‘take him out’ can be a number of things.”

Yeah…like taking Chavez out for a round of golf at the lovely Turpial Country Club. Or maybe take him out to buy some new shoes to go with his backpack. Maybe taking him out for wings at the Maracaibo Hooters.

No, we all know what you thought Pat. We understood. You just need to think before you speak. I’m not saying I disagree with Pat on this one. Maybe it would be in our best interest to get rid of the guy, but Pat…come on. You don’t go saying stuff like this on tv. Especially if you’re an ordained minister.

Now…I really thought this would be the biggest pile of crap I see this week, until this. The Florida Marlins baseball team suspends a team batboy for trying to drink a gallon of milk in an hour…ON A DARE!

The kid lost his job for 6 games. That’s only 4 games fewer than Rafael Palmerio was suspended for doing steroids. What’s wrong with these people?


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