Writing A Screenplay

I’ve been working on this project for the past 16 years. Well, not quite all of that time or I’d have been finished with it by now. I worked on it quite a bit early on and probably had completed about 2/3rds of the script on an old pc I bought but never paid for.

This was back in 1990 when you could get a behemoth of a computer for something like $3,000. I bought mine on credit from a department store that also sold shoes, household goods and women’s lingerie. I suppose they forgot about this purchase because they never billed me for it. I called them years later when I was about to purchase my first house and it was not in their records.

Anyway, this antique didn’t come with windows, it was a machine that ran strictly on DOS. I bought some type of word processing software and worked like the devil on the screenplay. When it died, it took my hard work to the computer grave.

I put the project on hold for many years and only last year did I get serious about finishing it. It’s a romantic comedy based on the story of a young man who loses the love of his life and, in the process, himself. My film professor in college, Dr. Gerald Wood loved the idea for the film and promised he’d personally hand it to a rising star in Hollywood, Eric Stoltz.

Well, Eric’s too old to play the lead now but could probably play someone’s dad.

I’m setting a deadline for Thanksgiving for when I’ll be finished with the first draft and can turn it over to Memphis filmmaker Bevin Bell. Bevin says he likes the idea and wants to put it on his “to do list”. I hope I don’t screw it up.


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