I’m buying a cd tomorrow

I’m a big sucker for romantic comedies and tonight I saw a good one.

“50 First Dates” with Adam Sandler is a great romantic comedy. We all sat down and watched it tonight. During the closing credits Lauren, my oldest daughter said “I really like this song”. It took me a second but it was “Love Song” by “The Cure”, except this wasn’t Robert Smith it was a remake. I told her, “if you like this you ought to hear the original”. She sort of rolled her eyes and gave me that ‘pfttt’ sound 16 year old girls give their dads when they think we’re being old farts.

Well, I go out to my truck, grab my “Cure’s Greatest Hits” and let her have a listen. I don’t think she wanted to admit it, but she liked it. “Love Song” and the others.

So tonight I’m searching for the soundtrack to “50 First Dates” and find out it’s got a killer track listing. Lots of cool 80s music like “Melt With You”, “Lips Like Sugar”, “Drive” and “Ghost In You”, recorded anew by reggae artists.

Since I’ve already been in an 80s kind of mood the past couple of weeks, this will be a good purchase. And dad won’t be so square.


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