Fire Drill

That’s what it appears to look like these days in some newsrooms. has reported in the past week about the departures of longtime tv news people. In Panama City, WMMB’s morning weather person has left the biz to spend more time with family. A meteorologist and a morning anchor, Dianna Gee has left WHNT in Huntsville. Another reporter left there earlier this year and is now working for a marketing firm.

Big Easy TV has reported in recent days that 5&10 pm anchor and managing editor George Ryan has left WBRZ in Nawlins to do PR for Exxon. A reporter with WVUE has left to go to law school. And two news folks from channel 7 in Hattiesburg have called it quits.

On top of all that, WTTO in Birmingham has scrubbed half of it’s 9pm newscast. And I read another station (can’t remember which one) has cancelled it’s early newscast and replaced it with Dr. Phil.

Late last year consultant Terry Heaton predicted a year of trouble for broadcasters and the people who work for them. I don’t believe we’ve seen quite the cutbacks Terry predicted, but they may still be coming.
In his latest post, Terry notes how newspapers are entering the video news competition by using digital still cameras that capture short mpeg videos and placing them on their websites.


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