Back to Business

Boy those last two posts were pretty deep. I’ve been touching base with several old friends lately. Two of my best buddies from college are now doctors and lawyers. It’s been so long since we’ve spoken they probably think I’m going through some 12-step program but we’re planning to talk by phone this week.

I’m getting pretty busy with several projects now. I shot one last week for Life Fellowship Church and am editing it this week.

Today I begin shooting a project for DeSoto Sunrise Homes, which offers family and crisis counseling and also runs a shelter for abused and neglected children. This is a dramatic film-type project that required scripting. The script is pretty powerful, depicting some of the situations these kids are in prior to coming to the shelter. We’ve found actors to play the parts and will shoot several days this week and the next. I’ll try to post it when we’re finished. My son Trey will play one of the parts this afternoon. It’ll be his acting debut!

I also talked with the WWII veteran about our documentary on the Battle of the Bulge. I’ve gotten the green light to travel to Pittsburgh for a 60th reunion of Bulge survivors in September. There’s also two other projects I’m waiting to get the green light for and one other that’s mostly shot that needs editing.

I’ll also be meeting with another former tv reporter in Memphis this weekend about a project that really needs to get off the ground.


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