Weatherman Gone Nuts

Would you watch this man deliver the weather every morning?
Mark Mathis is the weatherman at the FOX affiliate in Charlotte, NC.
You’ve got to watch this video

I have never seen a weather man behave like this on tv. He’s totally out of control. The video is about 6 minutes long and you’ve got to hear how he talks about the talent coaches the station hired to give him pointers on how to do his job. He talks about the other stations, the gms at the other stations.

There are more videos at his website

Well worth the look.

What happened when FOX brought this guy to the morning viewers in Charlotte? Their ratings soared. Soon Fox moved him to host “The Edge”.

I visited this station last December and talked with them about an opening on their morning show. I didn’t make the cut. The station is owned by Bahakel Communications and is one of the oldest surviving UHF stations in the country.

So…would you watch this guy? I sure would. But I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut you’ll never see this kind of wackiness at any of the Memphis stations.


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  1. Weaver

    A while back this guy had some Alcohol issues.

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