This may be a problem

Minutes after my last post, I received two anonymous posts that said “like your blog”. But both also tagged their post with an advertisement that amounts to the same crap you get in your e-mail inbox from time to time.

links to bad credit financing and a culinary arts school.

I don’t know what to make of this now. But I’ll be watching and if it persists I may accept only comments from registered users. But PLEASE! Don’t click on the links to their ads. It might encourage them.



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3 responses to “This may be a problem

  1. Carson Clark

    My blog only allows registered users, and I’m still getting them.

  2. mike

    I think it has something to do with your blog appearing on Blogger’s “Recently Updated Blogs” list. Every once in a while, I show up there and my blog suddenly has lots of hits in the referral logs from spam blogs. I don’t get spam comments though, because I sue Haloscan. But I think there are spiders or automated software that monitors Blogger’s RUB list and then pings them to get you to click on their blog. Scum.

  3. The Seeker

    Just go into the comments and delete the spam… Duh. That’s what the little trashcan icon is.

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