Happy Anniversary

At some point this afternoon, probably while writing the first of about 3 checks to Lowes, I noticed the date. August 6th. That’s the same day of the year my wife and I got married 11 years ago.

Funny thing though, I didn’t get in trouble for forgetting it. She did too. We talked about our anniversary last week as we started to move. We agreed that she would give me a yard full of installed sod and I would give her a new refrigerator. Isn’t that romantic?

We made another couple of trips with stuff from the old house. I spent more than 2 hours on installing our washing machine and dryer. That’s one of the things I hate about moving. Trying to get that dryer vent hooked up to the dryer. Finally I got that tin-foiled covered slinky thing connected and slid the dryer back up against the wall. After installing the washing machine I went to plug in the dryer. Trouble is the dryer has a 3-pronged connector and the wall box had one with four-prongs. Back to Lowes I go to find an adapter. They don’t make adapters for this type of thing so I had to buy a new electrical chord to install on our dryer.

The sonofagun who built this particular dryer must have thought “I don’t want anyone but a certified appliance installer to do anything to this unit” because the hole where the wires were to be installed was so small my daughter’s Barbie doll hands wouldn’t have fit in there.

I got the first two nuts off the post and they both slipped out of my hand and went straight to the bottom of the dryer. We turned it upside down, removed the top and managed to get them both. But I must have stripped the threads on the posts because they wouldn’t go back on. So…back to Lowes I go for replacements.

After getting the replacements I started threading the nuts back on the posts when the hole block snapped apart. So now we’ve got a load of wet clothes in the washing machine, a pile of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and no way to do anything about it until we get a repairman out on Monday.

My kids heard daddy say a bad word tonight.


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  1. Kathy

    You’re lucky you can get a repairman that quickly. We pay dearly for a home warranty that covers our washer and dryer, but when the washer became ill (agitator trouble) on Saturday, it was Thursday before the “authorized” repairman could make it to our house. Luckily, he had the part and fixed Old Faithful, but it was a long wait with lots of dirty clothes! Thank heavens for Grandmother who let us do our essentials at her house.

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