Is It Friday?

I kept asking people that question today. Moving, like a coma, makes you lose track of time.

We managed to get most of the stuff from the old house. Still a few things left which I’ll get tomorrow. The fun part is unpacking and putting things in their place. We’ve gone an entire year without a picture on the wall, so I’m anxious to get some of my favorite artwork back on nails.

Although today was spent packing and unpacking I did learn of 3 new video projects to either pitch or schedule. The meeting this morning went well and we should start shooting that project (pending approval) in the next couple of weeks. Another project that was sidelined has new life and could start shooting next week. A friend of mine called to tell me about another project I’ll pitch next week too. Good thing, I’ve got a new house to pay for.

Tonight was the night we went to the school to meet my kids’ new teachers. I don’t know what was more interesting to watch: the faces of the kids all wide-eyed or the parents all wide-eyed.

I feel a little guilty saying this but I’m ready for school to start back. Starting Monday I’ll be able to work solid each day from 8am to 3:30pm.


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  1. Bearded Joe

    So, just when is the big open house event taking place. There’s nothing like having a big old keg party and having people track up the new place and “ralph” in the corner to make it really feel like home. Do we need to bring out own snake repellent? You know where to send my invitation.

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