Time Warner

Well…I got a very pleasant phone call today from a customer sales representative from Time Warner Cable. Velma told me they actually tried to get in touch with me Saturday but my phone number in their system had been disconnected. (We gave Bell South the boot earlier this year and are totally cellular).

Velma called to tell me they will be installing my lines, cable and Roadrunner service this week. (WOW!). They offered to put it in tomorrow but since we won’t take possession of the house until Wednesday they’ll do it then.

So…a million mea culpas from me. Time Warner’s customer service is far better than I imagined. Now I won’t have to lose my high definition service, my roadrunner service or cable tv through the new house. I was really worried about the possibility of being disconnected for an extended period of time.

Thanks to Time Warner and a very good friend who let them know of my concerns.

I’m pretty stoked about my new office and upstairs studio. We started loading the PODS today (that’s not plural, it’s the name of the company). Standing in the garage looking at all of the boxes we started thinking of how daunting the task of moving is going to be. Much of our stuff has remained in boxes from our last move a year ago but still… looking at it all we don’t know where to start.

I haven’t even begun loading up my office. Most of the stuff that was in my office in our old house is still in boxes, but my new stuff is already filling up my workspace.

I’ll be meeting with another group (a local government branch) about a video to be shot and produced later this fall. That’ll give me 3 good size projects to keep the bills paid for the rest of the year. I’ve also got to edit some of the ACTS Network stories soon and finish up the demo for the other project.

Lots of stuff to do. Time Warner though, made my life a lot easier today.


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