The house is nearly finished. The landscape guys were in today planting trees and shrubs. We gave them the go-ahead to do the sod too. Thanks to all of you who’ve volunteered to lay those 1,000 yards of sod.

Now we’ve gotta get a new refrigerator. There must some woman’s law which says when you move into a new house you’ve got to have new appliances and a new couch. I hate that law.

The Time-Warner switch from house to house is going to be a problem. I submitted a request for new service last week over their internet customer service client and didn’t hear anything back from anyone. When I called today they told me it would be the middle of August before they could get my cable installed. I may be headed back to Direct TV. I don’t want to go back to satellite but I can’t stay disconnected from the internet for 2 weeks either.

I’ve heard for years about poor customer service from Time-Warner in Memphis. I’ve had good results up until now. It stinks.


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  1. mike

    Just a thought, Jamey, but you might want to reconsider putting clear photos of the front of your house on the Internet. Lots of haters out there.

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