Football Time

When I drove around town today I saw the local high school band out practicing. All of the sports guys and gals are in Birmingham this week for SEC Media Days. And I’ve recently gone through and pulled out my hats and jerseys for the football Saturdays that will be here in about a month.

One thing I haven’t heard any sports reporter saying is there are 3 SEC head coaches coming off of undefeated seasons. I don’t know that that’s ever happened before.

Tommy Tuberville at Auburn, Urban Meyer at Florida (who went undefeated at Utah last year) and Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss (who was an assistant coach with the undefeated USC Trojans.

I get a little ridiculous when college football rolls around. I’ve kicked chairs across rooms during an interception. I’ve prayed for a touchdown. I’ve yelled at the neighbors. I even cried once.

I will watch coverage of the SEC Media Days on the local channels. All 1 1/2 minutes of it each night. Geesh…I wish they’d give sports a little more time during things like this.


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