Ooohhh My Head!

I haven’t felt good all day. The migraine started around lunchtime, maybe earlier.

Remember that episode of Cheers when Sam asked Coach about him blacking out? His response was “Kind of a nice break in the day hey Sam?”
Well these aren’t a nice break in the day…but they are about as close to a black-out as I want to come.

I had an early meeting today about a video project I’ll begin shooting Sunday. Then, best I can remember, I went to the bank, the post office and…well I don’t remember the rest.

I do remember going out to shoot b-roll and interviews for one of my ACTS Network stories. I shot some b-roll but kept wondering what I was shooting. I came home, tried to take a nap as they usually help knock these migraines out. 15 minutes later my phone rang and I was up again.

Tonight was pretty busy with swimming lessons for the kids and fixing dinner. My head is throbbing. So Tuesday’s been a washout. I’ll try again tomorrow.

My POD is coming tomorrow. One of those big trailers to help us move. I did make it by the house today. They’ve finished up the trim work, the painting and installed the columns in the great room and the back porch. It’ll be ready Friday.

I did get two more e-mails from churches regarding subscriptions. Guess that trip to Gatlinburg is beginning to pay off.

Sorry this post isn’t more interesting. I thought I might want to post all of this now so I can read it tomorrow and see what I did today.


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