Reaction to a reaction

Cameron Harper, news anchor at ABC24, responded to my post last week about his calling a man a “fool” and then “a chump” on the UPN and ABC newscasts.

Read Cameron’s comment here.

His reaction to his name-calling and my previous post included this explanation:
“I’ve heard that some people at some of the other stations in town think that was horrible…a sin against journalism. They’re in a snit with sphincters so tight you couldn’t pull a pencil out of their ___ with a pair of vice-grips.”

Thanks for caring Cameron, but my sphincter’s just fine. I’m not bent out of shape over the comment and I don’t think it’s a ‘sin against journalism’. As I may have stated before it appears to me like an attempt to shock viewers and ‘do something the other stations aren’t doing’ in a desperate attempt to drive the numbers.

I also will mention again that no one proved the construction company in question is to blame for the flood (although that may be proven, Harper says there’s more to come on this story).

A reporter should never be doused by a water truck, not once, twice or three times as was the case with Craig Bell.

It is out of character for a news anchor to stoop to sophomoric name-calling for a reason. It’s silly and impugns the character of the name-caller, not to mention their credibility.

I teach my children not to call other children names. Wonder what Cameron teaches his children?


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  1. Anynymous3


    Don’t question what he teaches his children because that’s besides the point. That statment was a little childish on your part. I do agree with 100% about Cameron’s comment. I think the whole station a fluke!

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