Less than "two weeks notice"

Ever get one of those phone calls that takes you completely by surprise? One that makes you grab a calendar and check to see if the person calling is wrong about a date something is due?

I got one of those phone calls this morning. My mortgage company called to tell us they have our closing date for the new house set for this Friday.


A quick call to the builder confirmed they were on the same page. A page I hadn’t gotten to yet.

The house could be ready for move-in by this weekend! To be safe, we’ve set the closing date for next Wednesday to give the builder plenty of time to make sure everything is just so.

We’ve kept a lot of our stuff in the boxes we moved out of our old house last year so the move will be a little easier….but we’re no where near ready to start moving.

I made a call to PODS, the company with those mobile containers you put stuff in and they move it to the new location. It’ll arrive in our driveway Wednesday so we can start loading it up. I’ll do a walk-thru Friday with the builder, meet with the landscape guys to place trees and shrubs, and then we’ll start moving.

Wow…did July go by fast for anyone else?


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  1. mike

    Congratulations! I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can.

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