American Idol: Local News Style

Roanoke, Virginia’s FOX affiliate is looking to fill an anchor position.

Instead of simply looking over tapes and resumes and checking references, they’re putting the decision up for a vote. On the evenings news!

Four young women are all vying to be the new 10 o’clock news anchor at WFXR. After they completed the initial interview (giving the station the benefit of the doubt here), the station put photos of the four women on it’s website, along with a ballot. Viewers, or web clickers, can rate their on-air appeal, comfort level, energy, delivery, voice and an overall category.

The winner will be announced (or hired) this week.

I’m curious to see how this affects the careers of the women who aren’t chosen by viewers. What do their respective employers think of having their talent on another station’s website, publicly campaigning for another job?

The news director calls the approach “interactive television”, I’d call it a desperate attempt to attract viewers.


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