House Update and a new microphone

Only a couple of personal notes tonight. Our house is nearly finished.

We were waiting on the granite countertops to be cut and installed and figured it was going to be another couple of weeks on that. Tonight though as we walked through to look at the carpet installation progress, we were surprised to see the countertops in place.

The carpet should be finished tomorrow and there’s a bit more trim work and painting to be done, but judging from what we saw tonight we could be as close as 2 weeks from moving in!

I’m working on a couple of church projects now. One with a large church in Shelby County which I shot last night, another will kick off in a couple of weeks in Batesville, Mississippi. I also finished up a photo montage for a 20 year high school reunion.

Those aren’t big projects at all but I get as much satisfaction from photo montages as anything I do. Today as I watched it with the girl who ordered it, she cried. I could tell all of those memories of her friends back in 1985 came flooding back as she watched the video. It made me think of my high school class. Our 20th reunion was a couple of years ago and it was a blast. I put together a video for that one too and even interviewed several of our old teachers and our principal.

The other excitement today came on a UPS truck. My new shotgun mic, boom system arrived today. For those who don’t know, this system will allow me to run my camera, hold a microphone and interview someone on the go. I won’t have to stretch my arm to within a foot of their face.

I’m anxious to try it out tomorrow.


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