Beep beep

I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know if it’s true. If it is…it’s good stuff to know.

If you ever lock your keys in the car and your spare is at home, call someone on your cellphone and have them get the spare set. But instead of driving to wherever you had your brain poot, have them hold the spare set next to the phone. You hold your cell phone pointed at your car and have them press the unlock button.

I’m told the magical beep your remote emits will travel over the cell phone waves and unlock your car.

Don’t know if this works…but I’m anxious to try it.



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4 responses to “Beep beep

  1. P. Campbell


    This is an urban legend I’m almost positive. Your remote keyless entry works via RF, not an audible beep. And the RF from your remote keyless entry cannot be tranmitted over a cell phone.

    I’d be willing to bet has this one on their site.

  2. Bearded Joe

    I don’t know if YOUR beeper will work over the phone to unlock your vehicle but MINE did not. I tried it here at home about ten years ago. Perhaps technology has changed enough since then. I also tried to see if the garage door remote control would work over the phone. It didn’t. Yes, I had too much time on my hands, even more than I do now.

  3. Anynymous3


    Do you have a blog? I would like to know what you are up to these days. You are missed in the mornings. You and Markova jailed better than Chris and Markova. Always good hearing from you.

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