I know you’re wondering

As a former co-worker liked to say, “the only thing more boring that baseball is pretend baseball”.

She never understood why a bunch of guys get so caught up in fantasy baseball. I blogged earlier this year about how much research I put into this favorite hobby of mine. I spend hours pouring over statistics, which hitters have been traded to home-run-prone parks. It usually pays off.

At the mid-way point of this season, I have a 4 game lead in the fantasy league I’ve played in since 1993. I’ve fiddled with my team a bit through the weeks and have picked up some help.

Of course I love baseball but playing in a fantasy league forces me to watch more than just my favorite major league team. I also pour of the box scores each and every day, taking careful notes of who’s hot and who’s not, and who’s hot that isn’t currently playing for a competing team-owner.

My team’s name is “Tuck’s Friars”. I’ve thought about designing a logo and maybe a hat and t-shirt to wear on draft day each year.

I’ve won the league 3 or 4 times and the World Series at least 3 times. I’ve gotten in trouble once for working on my team during work (a lunch break in the newsroom).

Our league has a salary cap. A commissioner who compiles the latest stats every day and handles the transactions. For you baseball fans out there, here’s the roster for the 2005 edition of “Tuck’s Friars”:

1b Paul Konerko
2b Brian Roberts
ss Miguel Tejada
3b Troy Glaus
of Albert Pujols
of Hideki Matsui
of Bobby Abreu
c Greg Zaun
p Chris Carpenter
p Roy Oswalt
p Kyle Davies
p Billy Wagner
p Javier Vazquez

Fantasy baseball, my favorite hobby. Please, don’t call it ‘pretend baseball’.


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