That Was Fun

I’m not going to say where I was tonight, but I did get the chance to see some old friends and former competitors.

There was George Brown, Bonny Kinney, David Lee, Christine Connolly, Mike Matthews, Roswell Encina, Curtis Jay, Tealy Devereaux, Bevin Bell, Kris Anderson, Alexis Amorose and probably some others I didn’t see.

It was good to hear how many people read this blog. It was even better that no one threw a punch at me.

It was especially good talking with Bevin about my screenplay. Yes, I’ve been working on it. No, it’s nowhere near being finished.

Tomorrow’s a teaching day again in Sunday School. After that it’ll be a busy day putting out the next ACTS Network newsletter and working on 3 projects that have to be completed this week.



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  1. Anonymous

    Ah, the league of passed over and disgruntled losers. Don’t worry Jamey, they probably waited til you left to throw a punch.

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